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Why invest in Solar for Schools CBS Bonds?

Updated: May 16

The Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society (CBS) provides one of the possible funding options to schools when they approach Solar for Schools about getting a solar installation onto their roofs.

And the CBS pot is made up of many, many individuals, and a few business, who want to make a significant social impact while generating decent financial returns.

So, why does investing in CBS bonds go beyond profit? It tackles themes from education, carbon reduction, levelling up (we fundraise nationally, to install nationally), cost savings, community outreach and much more. Here's some more detail on our impact, and what an investment into the CBS actually means:

Education enrichment: CBS bonds play a crucial role in supporting educational initiatives, providing funding for infrastructure, programs, and resources that provide really hands-on learning opportunities for students. Through investments in education, CBS bonds empower future generations with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a rapidly-changing world [1].

Social impact: Investing in CBS bonds creates tangible social impacts, our Social Return Calculator allows investors to see the difference they're making first-hand. CBS bond investment directly translates to cost savings for schools, promotes environmental stewardship, and helps deliver crucial energy literacy education that creates behavioural change in schools. [2].

Case studies: Why not hear from some of our bondholders firsthand and hear about why they chose to invest. CBS bonds have a proven track record, of over 7 years, of making a difference in schools across the UK [3].

Community support: Join our community of investors and supporters by attending our upcoming webinar and watch highlights from our previous webinar events. Be part of the conversation as we discuss future opportunities to collaborate and drive positive change together. This is a Community Benefit Society where the community of schools have real influence. [4].

About us: The Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society (CBS) is the main funding partner of Solar for Schools, dedicated to empowering school communities to make cost and carbon savings without having to invest themselves. The CBS works collaboratively with investors, with the schools (also members of the community) to finance projects that make a difference [5].


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Invest in CBS bonds today and be a part of the movement towards a genuinely brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

ABOVE: Pupils at Ark Kings Academy in Birmingham learn about the UK's energy mix, during a workshop in April 2024.

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