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Solar for Schools CBS

Decarbonisation and education funded by the sun

Our long-term goal is to enable every school in the UK to gain solar panels. This would enable us to fund education on a truly impactful scale. Educating the next generation on energy, carbon, climate change - and what they can do about it - is key to achieving net zero in time. By linking the solar panels on the roof to the curriculum in the classroom  we can demonstrate to young people how they can approach a low-carbon lifestyle and work towards a more sustainable future. We are empowering students and addressing climate anxiety by providing pro-active steps.

Our constitution is in the form of Rules registered and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. As a Community Benefit Society, we are bound to act for the benefit of the community of schools which have solar installations.


Each school with solar panels funded or partly-funded by the CBS has a right to become a member of the CBS, be nominated as a director and vote at the AGM, helping with decisions such as how profits will be distributed to the schools.


The CBS funds the solar panels through the issue of 5-year, interest bearing bonds, we have raised £6.5 million thanks to our investors. You can support a school by investing in these bonds. 

Our Directors

The CBS Directors combine long-term experience in renewable energy finance, helping schools ‘go solar’, managing schools and education for sustainable development.

The schools that become members of the CBS may propose and elect additional Directors at the AGM. 


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