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Energy Education Powered by the Sun

What does our education package look like?
In-School Visits

We offer assemblies, workshops and science-based lessons either stand-alone, or in sequence. These are delivered for free as part of our package. Typically, the education visits happen alongside the annual visual inspection of your school’s solar panels. You can pick and choose what we deliver depending on your needs and time. For example, you could have a whole-school assembly followed by a breakout session with your eco group. 

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Assemblies & Workshops

All schools with a solar system managed by Solar for Schools will receive free ongoing education for all key stages. These are delivered by our experienced in-house educators or partners:

Our assemblies are stand-alone or can be followed by a workshop or lesson and cover three learning objectives:

  • Why is 'going solar' important for people and the planet

  • What is a kilo Watt hour (kWh) 

  • What's the power potential of your school's solar system; and how do your solar panels generate electricity

Accessing live data

To bring learning to life even more, lessons can be shaped around the school's solar system generation and activity, using live data feeds from the school's system itself. 


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The Paneliser

Based on our expertise and working with schools around the world, we've developed an easy-to-use analysis tool to assess what a solar panel system on your school roof would look like - not just visually, but in terms of investment, savings and decarbonisation. How much carbon could your school save? To find out, why not try yourself, click here and enter your school's name or address.

Digital Learning Platforms

We have created five learning journeys in solar power, efficiency, energy, electricity and environment which can be accessed through the Solar for Schools student app and web browsers in ICT classes. Developed with the help of practicing teachers, the app caters for independent and classroom learning with cross-curricular links to Key Stage 3 science, geography, maths and design & technology.

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Teacher Tracking Platform

We're improving and developing our platform all the time. You can now see what your students see and do in the app in your web browser, helping you to improve student progress and success. You can also track, monitor and assess their individual learning journeys.

Lesson Plans & Resources

Our lesson plans and self-guided workshops are created by and for practicing teachers. They can supplement a number of different curriculum topics at Key Stage 2 and some at Key Stage 4.

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Online Video Library

We’ve partnered with Switch Energy Alliance to bring your students an engaging and fun way to learn about solar and energy through the power of film, directly from the Solar for Schools website.
Our extensive online video library contains educational content suitable for Key Stages 3 and 4 covering:

What are the results?
  • Improved outcomes: Young people care about climate change. By connecting the panels on the roof with the curriculum in the classroom we make STEM subjects more relevant. This can improve academic results.

  • Raised aspirations: Providing hands-on learning opportunities linked to tackling climate change can encourage more students to take up science and engineering, and progress to jobs within the environmental sector.

  • Developed citizenship skills: When students are inspired, they’re more likely to share their learnings with family, friends and the wider community, empowering more individuals to make positive changes or live more sustainably.

  • Intensified change: Informed students, and those they influence, can then vote for or even design the right policy reforms needed to decarbonise our society.

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